3D Matchmovers was created to harness the technical expertise and artistic talents within the team led by its co-founders.
After spending years dedicated to the digital effects industry and focused on animation and matchmoving, whilst improving both knowledge and knowhow, the idea of creating 3D Matchmovers slowly emerged.
Facing short terms deadlines together with high quality requirements, studios have to overcome stressful workloads. The main concern of 3D Matchmovers is to offer a supportive and reassuring service by adopting a unique approach to handle matchmoving. This approach consists in a tailor made process embedded in a dedicated matchmoving  pipeline inspired by our strong experience in the digital effects industry, software development and project management.
3D Matchmovers handles stereoscopic workflows and high-volume deliveries on many feature films with in-depth understanding of what you need and how you need it.

Cédric Protière

CEO in charge of the financial strategy, the management and the quality system.  He has been a project manager for more than fifteen years in several areas such as investment and retail banks and software integration.

Guillaume Ruegg

CBDO with a 15 years experience in VFX in some of the best VFX Houses in the world such as Animal Logic or Hybride Technologie

Emmanuel Allasia

CTO in charge of our tools and pipeline with 15 years of experience in animation and VFX.

Eric Gambini

VFX Supervisor consultant and VFX Dinausor with more than 25 years of experience in some of the best VFX Houses in the world such as Weta, Sony Pictures Image works etc…

Xavier Goubin

Matchmove Supervisor Has built his experience in major  Studio such as MPC, Prime Focus, Trixter etc..



Matchmoving focused and specialized, know-how, permanent survey, process oriented, always improving and tailoring our pipeline.


Always looking for new challenges for technical and creative answers to what will drive our business.


Field proven value chain, experienced managers and engineers in charge of monitoring a talented team.


The bringing together of several talents : world-class matchmover supervisors, certified Prince2 project managers, skilled programmers, experienced technical directors covering every single aspect of a production.


Reliability as our core value : security, planning, quality and risk mitigation as a leitmotiv.